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Hypnosis 13 Italian Congress

Hypnosis 13 Italian Congress
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the Italian Society of Hypnosis will host the XIII International Congress della European Society of Hypnosis entitled “Hypnosis and resilience. From Trauma and Stress to Resources and Healing”.

Experiential Pre-Congress(October 21-22) An advanced experiential event taught by an expert faculty who will offer interactive workshops and live demonstrations.Includes a visit to Capri, and starting in the Hilton on October 21, at 10am with a group of 2 hours Experiential Workshops and 1 hour Demos. Leave the hotel at 12.30 and take a boat to Capri. Lunch in Capri, and then an Experiential Tour of the island. Back to the Hotel at 18.30, rest and light dinner. Then an evening Session of 2 hours Experiential Workshops and 1 hour Demos, until 22.30. On the morning of Wednesday October 22, the last two sessions of Experiential workshops and demos, and conclusion of the experiential Pre-Congress by 1.00pm.

Keynote Opening by Nicole Ruysschaert (Antwerp – Belgium), “From empathy to compassion fatigue. How can health care practitioners develop resilience and keep their positive engagement?”, and Michael Yapko (Fallbrook, CA, USA) “Global Cognition and Mental Health: The Therapeutic Merits of Concreteness and Specificity in Applied Hypnosis”.

Incorporating Hypnosis into Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents to Promote Resilience. Many clinicians struggle with how to integrate their newly learned hypnosis skills into the practice of psychotherapy. This address will explore why it is useful to think hypnotically and how to do so. It will also illustrate how to use clinical creativity to find the opportunities to be hypnotic, adapting the tools of hypnosis to fit the child’s psychotherapeutic needs by Camillo Loriedo (Rome, Italy).

Global Cognition and Mental Health: The Therapeutic Merits of Concreteness and Specificity in Applied Hypnosis. Why does a grown adult need to be reminded by a therapist that he or she no longer needs to feel or act like a helpless child? Why does someone treat a new boyfriend or girlfriend unfairly, as if he or she is the same as the last one who hurt him or her? One answer: Global thinking. Most people – therapists included – are global thinkers, people who ativeeffects of trauma. It’s also a basis for giving bad therapeutic advice. What forms does global thinking take, and what can therapists who utilize hypnosis do to effectively address this cognitive style? In this keynote address, we will consider the role of global thinking on various symptom presentations and affirm how very important it is to be able to teach concrete and specific skills – perhaps surprisingly sometimes through the use of abstract, metaphorical language in hypnosis – in making important distinctions that can lead to improved decision-making and, subsequently, better mental health by Jeffrey K. Zeig (Phoenix, AZ, USA) and Arreed F. Barabasz.

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